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    Best Toys For Two Year Olds UK 2022

    My youngest child has just turned 2 and with it came sending out suggestions to friends and family who had asked me what he's currently interested in. We absolutely love open-ended Montessori type play in our house and good quality wooden toys that can be passed down to cousins and friends when they have served their purpose with us. Here are some of our favourite toys for a 2 year old.

    Toys for 2 year olds

    First up we have the Sawdust & Rainbows Wee'UN Pikler Triangle Climbing Frame. This would be a brilliant ‘big’ present that would be loved by all the kids in the household. This Pikler triangle climbing frame is the epitome of open ended play; add it to an assault course, make a den, use for climbing and improving balance. I also love that you can purchase extensions like the slide, ladder, ball run etc. these could be bought by family members to add on to the big present or for future birthdays/christmas!

    Toys for 2 year olds

    Next up we’ve got the Vilac musical tea set. This is a brilliant version of a classic kid's role play toy. Simulating a tea party is fun for every kid, pretending to pour out drinks for family members or toys, and doing the over the top miming of sipping tea *SIIIP, AHHH* - This playful metal tea set comes with some secret, extra fun; wind up the tea pot and when you pour it will play a lovely song!

    Toys for 2 year olds

    The Nofred Wooden Dollhouse is a super sleek and stylish addition to any kids room. Use this dollhouse to display the presents and then use as toy storage or a home for your tiny toys! The design of this house is so simple so will let your childs imagination run free!

    Toys for 2 year olds

    Konges Slojd Wooden Rolling Dinosaurs make a lovely gift that are the perfect size for small hands. Make a cardboard jungle for your new friend or roll him down a ramp and see how fast he goes!

    Toys for 2 year olds

    A big favourite in our house is the Plan Toys Car Ramp Racer; such simple design, packed full of fun. The Plan Toys set comes with a handy 'Go sign' which acts as a stopper until you want your cars to set off! The car ramp encourages problem solving, patience and developing hand eye coordination. We also stock the Plan Toys Wooden Car Garage for all the car loving toddlers.

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