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    Christmas Gift Ideas! The Star of the Show

    After our wonderful weekend at the Hepworth Museum Bazaar in Wakefield, we have been lucky enough to be offered a stall at their Christmas Market too. This got us thinking about last Christmas - did you guys have it? The overwhelm of toys from all angles, the broken and missing pieces by Boxing Day, the CLUTTER!  

    This year we're trying to think about doing things a little differently in our house - the less is more ethos. This includes presents from everyone - we are going to ask friends and family for specific things to avoid the waste and the overwhelm.  We're thinking spending more on a wonderful, long lasting amazing item - and then being very careful with what else is under the tree. These are the 5 areas that we are concentrating on when we are selecting our favourite things this year;                                                                                                      

    1) Cost per play! It's so disappointing when you spend £50 on a toy that never gets touched (...except maybe the box). We have had a few of these!  This year we want items that can move from stage to stage with babies and children's development.

    2) Superb quality - we want them to be passed to siblings/cousins/friends or the charity shop when finished with, so they need to be sturdy and well made.

    3) Eco-Friendly - We are really passionate about being responsible with our beautiful planet, so where possible we want to promote this within our store too.  All of our wood toys are made from sustainable materials; every single one of our prints is printed on FSC certified paper and every single piece of our tableware is made from biodegradable bamboo fibres.  All of our packaging is also recyclable - even the tape on the boxes.

    4) Gorgeousness - Things that you and your little ones will love!

    5) Screen Free - Sorry to be a stick in the mud, screens have a time and a place, but I'm keen to encourage my little ones to use their imagination more where possible, and even better if toys can also be used outside.

    Every year, I get phone calls asking what people can buy for Seren and Seth.  Am I the only one who gets awkard about this? What is their budget? I always feel guilty asking this question -  which probably makes things worse, because the children end up with things they don't need. 'Anything to do with dinosaurs or Lego' seems to be my go to answer. To solve the 'I don't know your budget/I feel uncomfortable asking' we have set up a Wishlist in the store.  If you create an account, you can add your favourite things to your Wishlist and then email them to loved ones to show them the gifts that you like the look of - they can then purchase the one that they like and fits their budget, without any of the awkward questions.               

    The Star Of The Show

    We are thinking long and hard about this, but we're starting now, as Christmas creeps up so quickly!  I know the age of your little ones will have a huge effect on the items you choose, but here are a few ideas...

    • Playmats - they last for years and years of floor play, and then can be used as the flooring to a wonderful teepee den.  A super investment, our Mister Fly one's are also great quality so will last and last.
    • Playhouse, Tree House or Den - My children are now too tall for the wooden playhouses that are out there, so we have decided to invest in a full height, watertight shed with windows instead.  A place in the garden for them to go, whatever the weather. It may even be somewhere for me to retreat to on the weekend for a quiet 5 minutes!
    • Bike or Ride On - Depending on age and ability, there are some fab one's out there to suit all budgets.  We have some super ride ons - perfect for an introduction to wheels, they also come in gender neutral colour schemes, so can be passed on easily.
    • Mud Kitchen - We love them! My children first came across these at their forest school nursery as babies, and have continued to obsess about mud pies!  And watch this space for a special collab that we're doing.
    • Dolls Cot or Pram - These can be bought as nursery accessories for a newborn, as they look so beautiful.  They make a great place for your little one's favourite friends to sleep and last for years.  Seren still plays with hers at nearly 8 years old!
    • Desk & Chair - These can be bought as presents for the nursery or playroom and are a great way to encourage little one's to have somewhere to draw! 

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    • One year we got our niece in NZ a wooden balance bike. Once she was confident, it had pedals you could add. Then you turned the frame over to make it taller as she grew. She used it for three years and now her younger sister has it. Gifts that last are the best!

      Paula Goude

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