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    Eco-Parenting: Little Steps To Reduce Waste

    The UK has become the first country to declare “an environment and climate emergency” and is kick starting a green revolution. But what can we ourselves do to help?

    This is a topic close to our hearts, as we believe it’s so important to educate our little ones on being more mindful about waste, as well as to help the future of our planet. We did a lot of research about what little changes we could make that would help us live a more environmentally friendly life, and found it doesn’t have to be a case of going “cold turkey” with plastic or spending the earth to find an eco alternative. We still have a long way to go but every little helps!

    We found www.biggreensmile.com to be a great source of inspiration for what eco-friendly alternatives are available, so to get us started we decided to tackle the products we were using in our kitchen & bathroom.

    We swapped our normal bin liners for degradable bin liners, our disposable sponges for 100% natural sponge cloths (which can be chucked in the wash & reused) & we found a local health food shop who refill household products, which is an easy way of limiting plastic production & reducing our plastic footprint.

    We are big fans of the brand Bio-D in our household, we love the fact they use only plant-based ingredients, which means they don’t harm the environment or the little person living in our house! Oh & also the fact their containers are made from 100% recycled material makes them a pretty good choice too!

    We have found buying in bulk for certain household products has really reduced the amount of plastic waste in our house - We use 5L bottles of hand soap & washing up liquid, which we can decant into our existing smaller bottles & then refill in our local shop when we are done, which means no new plastic bottles being bought.

    Another previous big product of waste in our house was cleaning wipes – quick & easy to use but soon amount to a lot of single use waste! We came across a great product by the brand Ecoegg; ‘Concentrated Multipurpose Cleaner’ - which is made from plant extracts and contains no harsh chemicals, so great for cleaning up around our little one, & makes 80 bottles from the 1L of concentrate. This product paired with reusable bamboo towels has made our household cleaning routine feel guilt-free!

    Our favourite switch we have made, maybe due to the fact it saves us money every month as well as drastically reducing our plastic waste & being kinder to the environment, is replacing our laundry detergent & fabric conditioner with a laundry egg by Ecoegg. This product is seriously simple to use, dermatologically tested to be kind to delicate skin & the cost per wash is just under 4p!

    There are so many simple changes you can easily make to your every day routine to be kinder to the planet & to live more sustainably.



    • Hey, I love this and we have been trying to implement these changes too as a family in the last few years.

      I have actually just started my own small business Eco Party Bags to give parents a more Eco conscious version of the usually plastic filled party bags ! I am just starting out but in future i would love to work with companies with the same ethos so eventually i can be completely plastic free ! xx

      Samantha Cairns
    • Thanks for all this valuable advice and information. I’ve been using eco friendly products, in my bathroom and kitchen, toiletries and make up for a long time now, and have encouraged my family to do the same, but it’s not always easy to find products so it’s good to now know about some others, which I’ll definitely try.

      caroline burton

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