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    Educational Toys For 5 Year Olds

    My daughter is about to turn 5 and with her being one of the youngest in her reception class, I really value spending 1-on-1 time with her at the weekend, making time to play with educational toys. Here are some of her (and my) favourites:

    First up, we both love the Wee Gallery Animal Lacing Cards and have done since she was about 3! These cards are brilliant for hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. These are requested every time I pick up my sewing, as she loves to join in with her “sewing” too! They are made from lovely sturdy card and gorgeous coloured thick laces.

    lacing cards
    Next up is a fabulous toy with endless educational possibilities; the Kiko & GG Oekaki House (Magical Drawing Board). This is a really fun way to revise phonics and spelling, as well as using the shape stamps for creating repetative patterns. The board also comes with a wooden bead abacus in the roof which you can use to visualise maths problems etc. This item covers so many areas of learning and most importantly makes them FUN!

    Kiko & GG Oekaki House
    The Wooden Sand Writing Tray by The Little Coach House has been a brilliant addition to our educational toys, making phonics, spelling, letter recognition and pen holding super fun and easy. My daughter loves anything sensory based so this is right up her street, switching between using her finger or the writing stick to practise letters or drawing pictures.

    sand writing tray
    For time telling, we have recently started using the Tender Leaf Toys Wooden Bear Colours Clock for helping my daughter visualise the times. This sweet wooden bear shaped clock features removable numbers for a colour matching activity, as well as the moving clock arms to help with learning to tell the time.

    Wooden bear clock
    Another brilliant educational tool from Kiki & GG is the Wooden Mame Ohagki Bean Set. We love this game for working on repeating patterns and sequencing; lining the beans up in colour patterns/putting beans in the bowl in colour patterns. This is also a lovely game for working on finger dexterity and fine motor skills; helping kids develop the muscles they need for writing. These beans are also brilliant for visualising maths problems including addition, subtraction and division.

    Bean counting toy


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