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    Changing your mind on decor every 5 minutes? Me too...

    Am I the only person that changes my mind on decor every 5 minutes?  I've only just finished Seren's room (a pastel rainbow, Scandi dream), but I'm already planning changes.  I think it is so hard to feel like a room is finished, when there are so many beautiful new designs and products coming on the market.  Here are my tips for keeping things updated on a budget;
    • Keep paintwork neutral.  Paint walls in whites, pale creams, pale greys - they are the background to your theme and will help making decor changes a lot easier.  I love Farrow & Ball's Strong White, All White and Wimborne White.
    • Paint a feature wall at your peril, I've covered 3 in the last 12 months as I seem to get bored of colours too easily. 
    • Buy more paint than you need, so touching up scuffs and marks over time is stress free.  For me, one of the main annoyances of pale decor is the dreaded scuffs.
    • Paint skirting boards and door frames in the same colour to make the room feel larger and more spacious.
    • If possible, paint floorboards white or lay a white floor - I cannot tell you how much the colour of flooring brightens up a room and reflects light. I am not a fan of carpet at all, I find a carpet free home so much easier to keep clean with children and animals.  And far less dusty!
    • Keep window coverings, whatever you choose - yes, you've guessed it - neutral or white. I prefer totally plain and neutral, but pattern can work well too if neutral. You will not regret it, changing blinds and curtains is a huge expense for a colour theme change.
    • Keep furniture neutral too, so that nothing clashes if you decide to change themes later.  And do not be afraid to use beautiful antique and retro wood pieces. I cannot tell you how beautiful a walnut wardrobe or a Danish teak chest of drawers looks in an all white room.
    • Now, and only now -  when all else is neutral - choose your theme.  Bring in colour through prints, garlands, accessories, rugs, bedding, cushions etc. Then in 6 months time (if you're anything like me), an overhaul will cost so much less and will take hardly any time!

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