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    How to make egg shell candles…

    What you need:

    Bakers twine
    Flowers for decoration (optional)
    Crayons for coloured wax (optional)

    1. Tap the top of the egg & break a hole in the top. Empty contents of egg & gently rinse.
    2. Once eggs are dry, cut a length of string for the wick. I used a dot of gun glue to attach the wick to the bottom of the egg but tape or blue tack would also work.
    3. Tie wick onto a toothpick & balance on top of egg
    4. Heat wax over boiling water until melted (to add some colour to your wax, grate some wax crayon into the wax at this point)
    5. Pour melted wax into eggs, decorate with flowers while still hot.
    6. Wait until the wax has set, remove toothpicks & trim wick to desired length.

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