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    Kids' Water Play Activity - How Do You Melt Ice?

    We’ve been having some fun with our Liewood Sonny Ice Cube Moulds this weekend.

    My 4 year old daughter absolutely loves creative water play so I thought we would spend some time learning about water freezing & how we can melt it.

    We filled one of the ice cube trays with wool pom-poms & used a pipet to fill each hole with water. My daughter mentioned that they were all floating so tried pushing it down & realised once the pom-pom was full of water it sank.

    Once frozen, we separated the ice cubes into piles & sprinkled table salt on one set & used a pipet to cover the others with warm water.

    My daughter loved the affect that the salt had on the ice, but was too impatient with the others so ended up dunking them directly into the warm water to release the pom-pom. We loved this activity & will develop it further next time with liquid water colour in the ice.

    This would also be a brilliant activity for colour sorting once the pom-poms are unfrozen! Happy playing!

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