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    New to Soren's House - The Loveliest Of Organic Children's Clothing Brands

    As parents, we simply want the best for our children. When it comes to clothing there is so much choice. But what are we putting on our children’s skin? You hear about organic cotton a lot, but what really is it and what benefits does it have?

    We could get very technical about this but really there are a few key points we think are important:

    • Certified organic cotton is grown in chemical free soil and processed without the use of harmful chemicals.
    • Due to its natural state, organic cotton is antimicrobial and mould resistant, allowing your child's skin to breathe and helping to avoid skin allergies.
    • It reduces your environmental footprint as it’s grown without the use toxic pesticides or fertilizers and less water and energy are used to create it.

    So the use of organic cotton not only has its health benefits but also helps our planet out a little too. So that’s why here at Soren's house we have launched 3 new organic clothing brands, which we think fit into our ethos perfectly.


    1. Little Green Radicals

    Little Green Radicals launched back in 2005 and have always used 100% organic fairtrade cotton. Their quirky patterns and timeless designs make them a staple for your childs wardrobe.  The collection features beautiful layering pieces with colourful patterns such as rainbow lions & festival dancers. So much thought has gone into the designs, including beautiful frill details, poppers for easy dressing, & generous sizing to fit conventional & cloth nappies. Not to mention we absolutely love the idea of reversible pieces to help get the most out the clothes.

    1. Turtledove London

    Turtledove London's collection is made from organic cotton fabrics with Azo free dyestuffs. Their designs are beautiful, modern and monochrome, but keep it fun with palmtree prints & animal friends. Comfortable, stylish & seasonless childrenswear, featuring some gender-neutral pieces which means they can be reused by smaller friends or siblings.
    They have taken this a step further with a preloved instagram account - a place to sell on your Turtledove London clothes and continue their longevity.

    1. Pigeon Organics

    Pigeon Organics pride themselves on where their cotton comes from, who makes their clothes, who sells them and who wears them.  This brand has extremely strong values when it comes to their own environmental impact, so all of their company’s electricity at their oxford base comes from renewable sources. Also any ‘seconds’ and end of season stock is donated to charities working with vulnerable babies and children.

    Their collection is filled with gorgeous muted colours, large checks, stripes & prints taken from nature.  Beautifully classic & simple shapes made in a range of soft organic fabrics, which can be worn & worn again.

    We think its great that these brands are investing in the idea of slow fashion – creating better quality garments that last longer and value fair treatment of people, animals and the planet - along with creating fashionable designs for our little ones to wear.


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