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    What are the best wooden toys for a toddler's development?

    My son is almost 2 years old and is really coming into his own when it comes to play. For me this is one of the most exciting stages; seeing their imaginations bloom and their concentration span starting to develop.

    Toddler Play
    Why is play important?

    Play is so important for developing the key skills children need to thrive and excel, including developing their imagination, turn taking, problem solving, not to mention the development in the 5 key areas of learning.

    What are the 5 main areas of child development?

    The 5 key areas of learning are Cognitive Development, Social and Emotional Development, Speech and Language Development, Fine Motor Skills and Gross Motor Skills. Setting up play for your toddler and encouraging and engaging them will help them develop in all of these areas.

    Why are wooden toys better than plastic toys?

    Here at Soren's House we are all about Wooden Toys. We love stocking products that fit into our ethos of a simple, magical, childhood; that includes natural materials, as well as organic and eco-friendly products.

    One of the main plus points of buying wooden over plastic is quality and durability; due to this they last longer, so end up cheaper in the long run, as you aren’t having to buy multiple items once they break. Which leads us on to our next point, buying wooden over plastic means you are making the fantastic choice to bring less plastic waste onto our planet.

    Due to their high quality, wooden toys can be passed down from generation to generation. One of our favourite things about wooden toys is that so many of them can be used in open ended play; meaning your child’s imagination can develop in so many magical ways.

    Our favourite wooden toys:

    Wooden sorting toys

    Plan Toys Beehives - This is a firm favourite in our house for both my 2 year old and 4 year old. This bright and beautiful wooden toy is great for colour recognition, fine motor skills, stacking, sorting and pattern making.

    Plan Toys Beehives

    Vilac Wooden Early Learning Sorting Box - This would be a brilliant present for a 1st birthday to play with while they grow and develop. This gorgeous sensory wooden toy is designed to develop senses early on, such as touch and sound.

    We also love the design feature of having elastic strings over one side of the box, so your child can use their problem solving to retrieve the items themselves without grown up help.

    Vilac sorting toy
    Tender Leaf Toys Wooden Bear Colours Clock - Use this lovely playful wooden bear clock for number recognition, colour recognition, colour matching, as well as number sequencing and time telling.

    Tender Leaf Sorting Clock

    Liewood Mateo Wooden Puzzle Box - We love the simple, sleek design of this traditional shape sorting box. Liewood have added a twist to this classic toy, by adding their cheeky animal friends to the mix. The puzzle features a panda and cat as well as circle and triangle shapes. Perfect for fine motor skills and shape matching.

    Liewood Mateo Puzzle Box

    Wooden stacking toys

    Plan Toys Wooden Stacking Rocket - There are so many hidden elements to this wooden rocket, its quite amazing! The toy features 4 coloured disks which stack on top of each other, then, each disk contains a removable shape too! Theres also a little astronaught hidden in there for good measure. There are endless learning and developmental possibilities with this beautiful toy!

    Plan Toys Stacking Rocket

    Glückskäfer Branch Wood Bricks - I think this could possibly be the most natural & open ended a toy could get! We absolutely love them in our house!! This set includes 36 wooden blocks made from kiln dried cut branch pieces. The beautiful variation in shapes and sizes makes this toy stir up so much magical fun. Could it be a house for your toys? A road, a bridge, an initial, a word? How high can you stack them? Which ones balance? There is so much fun to be uncovered!

    Gluckskafer Wooden Blocks

    Vilac Wooden Stacking Train Set - This beautiful stacking train set will have your child entertained for hours. The set contains 4 carriages with different stacking and sorting activities to keep them on their toes!
    Vilac stacking train
    Sebra Stacking Bird - This is such a stunning piece for developing your child’s fine motor skills. The stacking bird features a flexible rod which the different sized shapes slot so satisfyingly onto. Can they slot them in size order? We love that you can make a different design every time!

    Sebra stacking bird
    Wooden role play/imaginative play toys

    Konges Slojd Wooden Toy Tool Box - You’ve never seen a tool box as beautiful as this! Konges Slojd have got this stunning design absolutely right! Both my children loves games that involve things needing to be fixed, like a make believe car or boat. Kids love mirroring what they see around them and role play toys like this really help extend that imagination.

    Konges Slojd toy tool box

    Plan Toys Cleaning Set - Plan toys have so many wonderful role play sets, but the cleaning one has got to be an all time favourite! It’s a brilliant toy for kids to mirror what they see grown ups doing around them. They can also bring this set into so many of their games. Can they clean the windows? Clean the car? We love the attention to detail with this set, including the movable trigger on the spray bottle.

    Plan Toys cleaning set

    Sebra Wooden Kitchen - The most beautiful all in one kitchen set up, featuring an oven, hobs with clicking knobs, metal sink and tap. Our play kitchen has always been at the heart of my children’s play; the sink can be a bed, the oven can be a cupboard, their imagination knows no bounds!

    Sebra wooden toy kitchen

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