Collection: BellaMoon

BellaMoon was created by mum Irene after she became a mum for the first time; she wanted to solve a real problem experienced by mothers throughout the world. 

Irene spent spent those first days as a mother shattered, but elated. Her first baby - Bella - wanted to feed continuously, but Irene's body desperately wanted to lie down!

So, she wanted to create a safe place where you - Mother - can feed your baby, process your thoughts, find your breath, release your sighs and just rest. Mothers are a different level of tired – it is not just a lack of sleep, but a lack of time for oneself. She wanted to create a space for you – Mother - to breathe life back into yourself, whilst nourishing your baby.

She used the skills she learned from a career in Architecture to design BellaMoon. Its shape is ergonomically designed to support your naturally tired love-laden limbs - a space designed to enjoy these most precious moments of life with intense comfort.