Collection: Goodevas

Goodevas are a Ukrainian brand that inspire happiness, holistic health and curiosity by innovating Montessori wooden playsets. Focusing on wooden climbing toys, each product in the collection is designed to ensure that quality, safety, and aesthetic appeal are met with no compromise on fun for your little one. With a mission to encourage the development of agility, endurance, and independence, Goodevas climbing toys offer a versatile range of products that is suited to a range of ages. Additionally, each product is carefully crafted using eco-friendly materials to further incorporate Montessori principles and allow parents to make more sustainable choices when choosing children's toys and apparatus. If you're looking for something that empowers curious minds to safely play, explore, and discover, then the collection of Goodevas wooden play sets below has exactly what you need for your child to thrive.

    What is considered Montessori toys?
    A Montessori toy encourages children to experiment during playtime, helping to encourage creative thinking and independence. Though there is no particular definition of a 'Montessori toy,' items that could fall under this broad label include building blocks, bricks, playsets and more. In particular, larger playsets such as climbing toys can help keep your child active while allowing them to play independently. The range of Goodevas playsets at Soren's House are designed to be safe, secure, and are made using eco-friendly materials.

    Are all wooden toys Montessori?
    Most wooden toys could be classed as Montessori. This durable material harbours many benefits for playtimes, including a hard-wearing design and offering an aesthetically pleasing appearance. On top of this, they also have all the benefits that toys from different materials would, including helping to boost your child's' imagination, enhance problem solving skills and more.