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Miffy Limited Edition Soft Toy - Super Hero

Miffy Limited Edition Soft Toy - Super Hero

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To celebrate Miffy's 65th birthday, they decided to launch project Miffy: A Fashion Student's Perspective. 

The primary goal was to share Dick Bruna's (Miffy's creator) love for the creative process and give young designers a platform to share their own unique perspective. It was a celebration of young artist and design excellence, inviting design students from 5 highly respected and award winning design schools to create a limited edition Miffy plush toy. The winning designs were then turned into reality!

This special limited edition Miffy is by artist Emmy Eves of Nottingham Trent, UK

Design student Emmy aimed to create a happily environmentally conscious Miffy, that children and adults will follow her in her quest. Conscious of the great challenges our planet faces, the designer wants Miffy to act as a role model to help raise awareness. Transforming her into a superhero amplifies her ability to help save the planet through small effective actions such as planting trees, riding her bike and saving water every day.

Size: 34cm tall
Material: cotton
Comes in a collectors display box