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    Mama Designs Babasac Multi Tog Baby Sleeping Bag - Grey Cloud/Pink Trim

    Mama Designs Babasac Multi Tog Baby Sleeping Bag - Grey Cloud/Pink Trim

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    • Using your Babasac baby sleeping bag is simple. Either keep the extra layers in to use as a 2.5 tog sleeping bag or unfasten each layer (using the zip) to use as a 1.0 tog baby sleeping bag. Easily washes with or without the layers in place.
    • Baby sleeping bags are used by over 95% of UK parents on their babies.
    • Your baby is kept at the right temperature all night long.
    • Your baby will wake up warm and is therefore more likely to go back to sleep.
    • They are safer than sheets and blankets as your baby cannot slip down inside a baby sleeping bag.
    • Your baby’s feet won’t get stuck in the cot bars.
    • It will help make the move from a Moses basket to a big cot much easier.
    • When on holiday or in new surroundings, your baby will always feel comfortable in their own sleeping bag.
    • Your baby has freedom of movement.
    • It is harder for your baby to climb out of their cot!
    • 100% cotton outer and cotton jersey lining.
    • Inner wadding (not next to babies skin) is  Oeko-tex standard polyester.

     Which Size?

     0-6 months  3.4kg/7.8lbs  67cm
     6-18 months  7.25kg/15.15lbs  87cm
     18-36 months  10.5kg/22.2lbs  98cm

    Which Tog?

    Confused about which tog baby sleeping bag to use? Your Babasac can be either 2.5 tog (with the inner layers) or 1.0 tog (without layer). 2.5 tog – for use all year round with room temp 10-20° (10-15° with pyjamas or sleepsuit,15-20° long sleeved bodysuit, sleepsuit or lightweight pyjamas) 19-20° 1.0 tog – for use in warmer weather or room temp 21-23° (with a short sleeve body or vest)

    We recommend that you use a room thermometer to check the temperature. Ideal temperature is 18°.

    WARNING! Do not use if the child can climb out of the cot.

    WARNING! Do not use in combination with other bedding items (e.g. cot duvet).