Boats: Fast & Slow - Children's Hardback Book

Boats: Fast & Slow - Children's Hardback Book

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From the woven rafts of ancient Mesopotamia to 17th century Dutch merchant ships, and onwards to today’s modern sailing hydrofoils, trace the fascinating story of boats and their place in our culture.

The history of boats is intertwined with our own – since the earliest times, humans have found ways to cross the bodies of water that cut them off from further exploration and expansion.

Young readers can delve into the thousands of years of boat-making history and learn about famous boats from legends and fiction in this elegantly illustrated book.

Author: Iris Volant
Illustrations: Jarom Vogel
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Flying Eye Books
Publication Date: 1st Jun 2018
Pages: 48
Product Dimensions: 251 x 308 x 11mm
Weight: 479g

About The Author

Jarom Vogel is an illustrator, designer and digital artist. Originally enrolling at Brigham Young University to study dentistry, he soon gave in to his childhood passion for drawing and switched to an illustration major. He now works freelance and lives in Utah. Iris Volant is a writer and researcher from London who specialises in non-fiction for children.