Cookies! An Interactive Recipe Book

Cookies! An Interactive Recipe Book

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Bake cookies from scratch inside this interactive recipe book - sift the flour, whisk the sugar, crack the egg, pour the chocolate chips, and more!

Simple yet factual recipe text takes readers through the steps of baking cookies, from combining the dry ingredients to pulling fresh cookies out of the oven, while the interactive features invite them to participate in the process. Move the sifter from side to side to separate the flour, turn the wheel to mix the batter, pull the tab to crack the egg, slide the oven tray out, and more! One hundred percent adult-free, danger-free, and mess-free - baking cookies has never been so independent! 

Artist: Lotta Niemenen

Designed By: Meagan Bennett

Format: Board book

Publisher: Phaidon Press

Publication Date: 8th Oct 2018

Pages: 16

Product Dimensions: 201 x 206 x 26mm

Weight: 594g


"We would enjoy tacos any day of the year - which is why we love Phaidon's super cute Cook in a Book series. These interactive board books feature fun sliders and tabs to teach children how to make some delicious dishes, whether it's spreading the sauce on a pizza or whisking eggs for pancakes."―Bookstrust.org.uk

"The Julia Child of the Cookie Monster set sallies into the kitchen afresh... [The] recipe is... perfectly liable to produce the intended result: "Delicious!" Say the words: "Warm... Chocolate chip... Cookie." Oh, heaven."―Kirkus Reviews

"The satisfying tactile experience mimics the real process of baking cookies - which readers are likely to crave after reading."―Publishers Weekly

"Encourage your little ones to mix, pour and sprinkle to their heart's content with Cookies!, an interactive recipe book that's filled with easy-to-follow instructions. This sturdy board book is ideal for little hands and should withstand plenty of kitchen experiments too."―Little London

"One of those books that defy categories - is it a recipe book or is it a kids play book. Well kind of both actually... All the adults in the office loved it and the recipe does actually work as well. We loved watching the cracked eggs disappear into the bowl and the finished articles which can be popped out... Once children have mastered the ingredients and activities how about a supervised session with the real thing?"―Happy Families

"It works brilliantly for my one-year-old, who loves all the flaps and the way you can move a sieve from side to side to sift flour and pull a tab to crack eggs... The boys [...] want the real deal. 'When we are we going to actually make the cookies' they cry... These books don't keep kids out of the kitchen; they lead them there, increasing their appetite for proper cooking. Deep down, I know this is a good thing, whatever the state of my kitchen floor afterwards."―Waitrose Weekend

About the Author

Lotta Nieminen is an illustrator, graphic designer, and art director from Helsinki, Finland, now running her own NYC-based studio. She has been nominated for Forbes magazine's 30 Under 30 list, and has received the Art Directors Club Young Guns Award. Her extensive client list includes Google, The New York Times, and Vanity Fair.