Glückskäfer Branch Wood Bricks

Glückskäfer Branch Wood Bricks

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Little ones will love to build towers, houses, castles or anything else their imagination can come up with!

This 36-piece wooden block set from Gluckskafer is as natural as can be. Made from kiln-dried, cut branch pieces in different shapes and sizes. There are smooth round discs and pillars that can be easily stacked, as well as more unusual shapes to add a challenge for creative builders. Smooth on the cut faces with the raw bark on the reverse, these wooden blocks have a simple feel that brings children closer to nature. Each set is unique and comes in a cotton net storage bag.

Sizes vary due to the nature of this toy. To give an idea of the scale, the smallest discs are around 2 cm x 5 cm and the two longest pieces are around 15 cm long.

Suitable from age 3+. Flaking bark can be a choking hazard to children under 3.

Made from solid FSC certified European wood.