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    HABA Funnel Jungle Wooden Marble Run Starter Set

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    Build your own amazing marble run creations with the Haba Funnel Jungle Marble Run Set!

    An exciting add on or stand alone marble ball track set for exciting experiments. Variable set-up for maximum speed: speed tubes and funnel curves are adjustable thanks to the tube clamps aloft! 

    With the power pulser track, arriving marbles transmit the energy to the awaiting marbles in the big speed circle, the marbles whiz around in the circle, first slowly, then faster and faster. Compatible with all other HABA Building Systems.

    Set Contents: 4 funnel curves with funnel, connectors and tube clamps, 1 speed tube with connectors and tube clamps, 1 big speed circle, 1 power pulser track, 1 speed snake track, 1 sound block, 1 ramp, 14 rectangular blocks, 3 cubes, 5 dominoes, 6 building block clamps, 6 marbles.

    Number of parts: 42

    Suitable for age 4 Years +

    Dimensions 37.5 x 40 x 33 cm