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    HABA Wooden Marble Twister Marble Run Set

    HABA Marble Twister Wooden Marble Run Set

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    Amazing wooden marble run set by Haba that inspires children with exciting new sound effects.
    The marbles roll quickly into the speed circle and then go around in circles. The sophisticated marble stopper decides whether they continue on right away or first take a little rest.

    If required, it collects up the marbles so that they all land down on the next level together – in the spectacular marble canyon, where they are initially slowed down by the conical shape of the canyon, before speeding up again. Then they continue through the sound effect track.

    The marble container, a practical collection container, is the end station – at least for now. Once the container is emptied back into the start of the ball track, the rolling fun can start all over again!
    1 marble canyon, 1 sound effect track, 1 speed circle with marble stopper, pedestal, tube connector and base, 1 speed breaker, 2 speed curves, 2 ramps, 9 rectangular blocks, 1 cube, 6 building block clamps, 1 marble container, 6 marbles.

    Made from solid beech wood that comes from sustainable forestry in Germany

    Dimensions - 27 x 33 x 25 cm

    Number of parts - 32

    Suitable for age 4 years +