In The Woods - Children's Hardback Book

In The Woods - Children's Hardback Book

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The woods are abuzz with activity as all the animals get ready for a very special event: Red the fox’s wedding day. But as the penguins are collecting the decorations, they realize not everyone is feeling happy in themselves. Olly the horse is upset that he is the only one of his friends not to have turned into a unicorn; Lionel the lion has lost his pride and glory – his mane; and on the morning of her wedding, the cake Red fox had spent hours making is stolen by the big bad wolf.

In these three heart-warming tales, the penguins and their friends work together to cheer each other up and their inventive solutions show what a difference good friends can make. Each story ends with the same empowering mantra, ‘Be happy now!

Author: Thereza Rowe

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Thames & Hudson

Publication Date: 1st Aug 2017

Pages: 40

Product Dimensions: 213 x 276 x 10mm

Weight: 408g


'…gorgeous bold colours and an individual style of illustration … a classic in the making' - It's All About Stories

'The words dance across the page along with the illustrations, creating a feeling of freedom and joy, and you're transported into a magical forest world. It's a double bonus to get three books in one!' - Small Reads

About the Author

Thereza Rowe is a Brazilian illustrator and designer based in London. She has an MA in Communication Design from Kingston University. Her first book for children, Hearts, was published in 2014, and Mister Pip was published in May 2016.