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Liewood Anker Steel Water Bottle - Bubbly Sandy

Liewood Anker Steel Water Bottle - Bubbly Sandy

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We really love the Anker Water bottle from Liewood! This stainless steel flask can keep 350ml of liquid either warm or cold.

- The ANKER water bottles are made of the best quality 18/8 steel. The steel is super durable and virtually cannot be torn apart. There are no coatings on the inside and it does not give off any kind of chemicals or flavours.
- Holds 350 ml of liquid.
- Has a thermal function and keeps liquids warm for up to 12 hours and cold up to 24 hours.
- Comes with both a sports lid and a steel lid, which makes it usable and practical for both children and adults.
- The steel lid is a screw cap made of steel like the bottle.
- The sports lid is made of PP and is BPA free.
- Both lids have a handle so they can easily be attached to a bag or the pram. - - Both lids are completely tight due to the silicone in the lids – which is also BPS free.
- Should be washed by hand with a bottle brush due to the coloured surface & the thermal function.
- Cannot go into the microwave.
- The paint on the water bottle is durable, water based, and the content of leads is insignificant and within EU regulations.
- Steel is the best material to use with food and drinks.

Colour: bubbly sandy
Quality: Stainless steel
Dimensions: 17 x 7cm
Washing instructions: Please wash by hand only.