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    Liewood Joy Sandals - Oat

    Liewood Joy Sandals - Oat

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    The perfect children's velcro sandals for the summer ahead! The open-toed Liewood Joy Sandals are made from 100% PVC and won’t absorb any water, making it easier to head in and out of the water without the pain of the rocks on bare feet!

    Velcro closures make it easy and convenient for little ones to take off and put on without the help of a grown-up.

    - Material: 100% PVC
    - Open-toed
    - Two-strapped over the wrist
    - Adjustable slingback velcro closure with embossed Liewood logo
    - Lightweight and flexible
    - Super easy to get on and off
    - Easy to clean

    : According to your little ones foot length

    EU 19/UK 3: 12.1cm length
    EU 20/UK 4: 12.7cm length
    EU 21/ UK 4.5: 13.4cm length
    EU 22/UK 5.5: 14.1cm length
    EU 23/UK 6: 14.7cm length
    EU 24/UK 7: 15.4cm length
    EU 25/UK 8: 16cm length
    EU 26/UK 8.5: 16.7cm length
    EU 27/UK 9: 17.4cm length
    EU 28/UK 10: 18cm length
    EU 29/UK 11: 18.7cm length
    EU 30/UK 11.5: 19.3cm length