Mythical Beasts Masks: Ten 3D Beast Masks To Make

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Transform into your favorite mythical beasts with these incredible masks! A unicorn, a griffin, a dragon, a basilisk and more are waiting to be brought to life inside these pages-all they need is you...

Featuring ten strikingly beautiful illustrated paper masks to press out and build, making and wearing these magical storybook masks leads children on an imaginative crafting journey through creative play.

Great for play dates or rainy day activities, costume parties, or dressing up just for fun, these beautifully-designed masks stimulate and encourage children's imaginations to run wild.

Author:Gavin Rutherford

Illustration: Tanya Batrak

Format: Paperback

Publishers: The Ivy Press

Publication Date: 9th Aug 2018

Pages: 68

Product Dimensions: 210 x 298 x 8mm

Weight: 426g

About the Author

Gavin Rutherford (Edinburgh, UK) is an illustrator and pattern designer inspired by surface details, repetition and symmetry in nature. Always pursuing his lifelong love of drawing, a steady hand, a cup of coffee, and a pocketful of pens are the tools of his trade. He lives in Edinburgh.

Tanya Batrak (Kiev, Ukraine) is a paper crafter and graphic designer living in Kiev, Ukraine. She loves photography, travelling, reading, and, most of all, scrapbooking. Tanya creates a range of beautiful design and paper craft templates to sell online, including everything from lantern boxes to greetings cards.