Newclay Finger Soft Modelling Dough - 6 x 150g Mixed Colour Pack

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Inspire ingenuity! Encourage aspiring modellers to make animals, buildings, vehicles or anything else their imagination can come up with! 

Finger Soft Dough from Newclay motivates younger children to express their ideas through play using this specially formulated soft, pliable modelling dough. It's versatility is magical - emboss it, extrude it, press it, cut it - it is compatible with most play dough extruders, moulds and kits.

Enhance the results by merging the different colours to make marble effects or, with further kneading, a whole new colour!

Characteristics: clean, pliable, soft, easy to use/re-use, non-toxic, wheat & gluten free

1 x 150g pot of Red, Blue, Green, Orange, White and Yellow.

If replaced in the air tight container after use, it can be reused many times.