Newplast Modelling Clay 500g - Bright

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Newplast Modelling Clay is a non-drying, non-toxic and non-setting modelling clay that’s great for making handmade models and shapes! Newplast is the material specified by most animators as being the only fit-for-purpose product of its type available. Newplast colours can be moulded together to make other colours.

This 500g block is a primary choice for aspiring young animators and will keep your little ones entertained for hours.

Newplast can also be used in moulds.

The block is highly flexible but will retain its shape once created. The clay is completely reusable at any time and may require some kneading and warming up to gain greater flexibility.

- Made in the UK
- Colour: Neon/Fluorescent Mix
- Non-toxic
- Waterproof
- Soft and non-drying
- Reusable
- May require warming up slightly