Petra - Children's Picturebook

Petra - Children's Picture Book

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Shortlisted for the 2018 4-11 Picture Book Awards

The humorous adventures of an irresistible little rock who finds herself in constantly changing circumstances, Petra is a picture book that celebrates the power of perspective and believing in yourself.

Petra is a little rock who believes she is a mighty mountain . . . until a dog fetches her for its owner, and she is tossed into a bird's nest. A mountain? No, Petra is now an egg! An egg of the world in a world of possibility. Until she's flung into a pond, and becomes an amazing island . . . and, eventually, a little girl's pet rock. What will she be tomorrow? Who knows? But she's a rock, and this is how she rolls!

Author: Marianna Coppo

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Thames & Hudson

Publication Date: 5th Jul 2018

Pages: 48

Product Dimensions: 198 x 269 x 7mm

Weight: 216g


"Meet Petra, a smooth grey oval of possibility... a pleasantly intelligent book." -Kirkus Reviews

"Simple, smooth, and stylish... Change may be the only constant in Petra's peripatetic existence, but her bubbly optimism is as solid as a Gibraltar." -Publisher's Weekly

"You've never seen a cuter rock... Petra's unmitigated confidence in an unpredictable world make(s) it a keeper." - Booklist

About the Author

Marianna Coppo is an author/illustrator from Italy. She studied editorial illustration at MiMaster in Milan, and now focuses on freelance illustration in Rome. She is one of the curators of Tentacoli, an independent label which specializes in fanzines and handmade products. Petra is her first picture book.