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    Mama Designs Reusable Washable Sanitary Pads (10 Variants Available)

    Mama Designs Reusable Washable Sanitary Pads (10 Variants Available)

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    Thinking of switching to reusable sanitary pads?

    These Gold award-winning washable sanitary pads from Mama Designs are slim and discreet, soft and comfortable and absorbent and reliable, with a waterproof backing. Available in seven sizes

    (Wet Bag sold separately)

    Save a fortune versus disposables and do your bit for the planet.

    • Soft and comfortable
    • Slim and discreet
    • Absorbent
    • Waterproof backing, won’t leak
    • 3 sanitary pads in each pack

    Which Size?

    • Mini/Light for light flow or as a pantyliner (new longer length)
    • Regular for normal flow
    • Maxi for heavy, maternity or overnight
    • Maxi plus for extremely heavy, maternity and heavy overnight 
    • Teen Light for light flow or as a smaller pantyliner (same as old 'light' pad)
    • Teen Regular for girls or petite women (normal flow)
    • Teen Maxi for girls or petite women (heavy flow)

    The regular pads have two inner absorbent layers, the maxi pads are triple thickness; hold up to 70ml liquid. The maxi plus have 4 inner absorbent layers. You can expect each pad to last twice as long as it's disposable equivalent. To put this amount in perspective a fully saturated overnight disposable pad will hold between 10 and 15ml

    How to Use:

    • With soft layer facing upwards, place pad in your tight fitting underwear
    • Fold the wings underneath to secure
    • Fasten poppers
    • Change regularly when pad feels full


    We suggest rinsing your pads in cold after use before you wash them. This will help to ensure that they don't stain and they wash as best as possible. Do not use fabric softener as this will reduce their effectiveness. You can machine wash up to 40 degrees or you can easily hand wash. You may choose to hand wash as you use your pads and then machine wash together at the end of your cycle. Air drying your pads is best, they cannot be tumble dried. You may use a heated airer or dry above a heat source. We like sock or underwear airers for drying pads.


    These pads will not lose absorbency over time if cared for properly.

    They will not move if worn with the correct (snug fitting) underwear. We recommend cotton pants with a normal sized gusset.

    We recommend storing them folded up (they can be kept like this clean or used.)

    The wet bag (sold separately) with wet and dry compartments is a waterproof bag to store your pads in, when you are out and about with no danger or leaks.

    You can build your pad collection over time, there is no need to feel you have to do it all at once.

    These are great for girls and women who have SEN, especially Sensory Processing Disorder.

    If using for bladder leaks you may like to spritz with lavender essential oil and water.

    For period use these pads will not smell.

    Pad Measurements:

    Mini/Light - 25.5 cm length x 6.5cm (width of middle of pad) single layered inner

    Regular - 25.5cm length x 6.5cm (width of middle of pad) double layered inner

    Maxi - 30.5 cm length x 6.5cm (width of middle of pad) triple layered inner

    Maxi plus - 33.5cm x 6.5cm (width of middle pads) 4 inner layers (this launches April 20th)

    Teen Light -22cm length x 6.5cm (width) single inner layer

    Teen Regular  - 22cm length x 6.5cm (width) double-layered inner

    Teen Maxi - 22cm length x 6.5cm (width) triple-layered inner


    Top of pad 100% cotton flannel.  This provides you with a super soft and comfortable pad.

    Inner wadding 100% polyester microfibre, because this is quick-drying and extremely absorbent.

    Waterproof outer 100% polyester PUL.    Yes there is a little plastic in our pads. The popper and the PUL coating. This is because we wanted an effective product and without waterproofing they would not work.

    Where are they made?

    Our pads are ethically made in Turkey. Our factory has been making cloth pads for over 15 years and are leaders in this area.  We have a long relationship with our factory and have worked with them for 9 years.

    How long will they last?

    The pads will last between 300-500 washes when cared for correctly. Dependent upon how many pads in your collection and as to whether you use as a daily or for period use they can last up to 5 years.