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Wobbel Starter Board-Transparent Lacquered Balance Board-Sky Blue Felt

Wobbel Starter Board - Transparent Lacquered Wood Balance Board With Sky Blue Felt

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Let us tell you more about the new Wobbel Starter boards..

✔ smaller, but still holds 100kg easily
✔ lighter, so easier for little ones to lift, turn and cart around 
✔ gentle curve, so perfectly balanced 
✔ indestructible and easy to clean recycled felt, made primarily from recycled bottles 
✔ a slimmer waist, and accented corners gives it maximum stability when flipped over 
✔ we’ve done some magic in how we build up the layers of wood, which makes the Starter more flexible ✔ children don’t outgrow it because the format also allows them to practice awesome skateboard moves on it 
✔ it’s the ultimate travel Wobbel: on holiday, to school, to a play date

Age: we’re not assigning an age. We’re inviting. And seeing advantages for very young children, and children with ‘young’ motor skills. This Wobbel®️ has been extensively tested like all the others, and is safe from 0 to 100 years.

Dimensions: ca. 70 x 27.5 cm
Weight : ca. 2 kg
Age: 0 to 100 years
Use Weight: Up to 100 kg