Beautiful Pax & Hart Prints Have Landed At Soren's House!

Beautiful Pax & Hart Prints Have Landed At Soren's House!

Once our little one, Lilith, came into the picture, we found our house had lost its identity and suddenly everything needed to be baby friendly. We are so happy to have the lovely work of Pax & Hart in stock here at Soren's House – artwork for
children & adults alike!

Created by mother & illustrator, Emma Labattaglia, & named after her two sons Pax & Hart, you can see how their imagination have inspired her work, with childlike illustrations & unique eye catching designs.

The collection features a large variety of posters including modern monochrome illustrations, floral influences & pops of bright, beautiful colours. You will struggle not to smile at the cheeky faces & playful characters!

All prints are 70 x 50cm, so can easily fit into an ikea frame or can be taped up on the wall using colourful washi tape for a fun touch. One of the best things about this collection of prints is that they will look at home in any room of the house, whether you want to add a bright smiling face to your child's room, a touch of monochrome style to your bedroom, or enjoy a piece of whimsical modern art in your living room.

These prints will complete any space & will be enjoyed by every member of the family!

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