Collection: Dolls & Soft Toys

Whether it’s play time or bedtime, a soft toy can be a real source of comfort for many young children. Browse our range of children’s soft play toys, made from the cosiest fabrics like corduroy and fleece. Choose from cute animal dolls to classic baby dolls, plus a whole range of doll clothing and accessories for more varied play.

Discover a world of cuddly companions at Soren's House! Our collection of dolls and soft toys is a treasure trove of huggable happiness. From timeless teddies that bring warmth to your heart, to adorable baby dolls that inspire nurturing play, and iconic Miffy dolls that capture the charm of childhood, we've curated a selection that sparks joy in all ages. Crafted with love and attention to detail, each toy in our collection is a perfect gift for your loved ones or a cozy addition to your own home. Embrace the magic of softness today.