Collection: Outdoor Play

Enjoy the great outdoors with our range of children's outdoor toys and activities! From play mats and activity trails, to scooters, carts and more, browse our full collection of toys suitable for use outside.

Elevate outdoor fun with our exciting collection of outdoor toys! From zippy scooters that promise endless adventures to engaging games that'll keep everyone entertained, we've got it all. Let your little ones explore their green thumbs with our toy gardening sets, fostering a love for nature. Don't miss our vibrant bowls and croquet sets for hours of friendly competition. Whether you're planning a family picnic or a play date, our outdoor toys guarantee smiles and laughter. Embrace the great outdoors with quality, safety, and endless joy. Explore now and make every day an adventure!


Can you leave wooden toys outside?
It isn't recommended to leave wooden toys outside for extended periods of time as exposure to the elements can cause fading and damage, however, in some cases toys that have been left outside can be restored and used again. To protect your wooden toys, it is advised that they are covered by a waterproof fabric, kept in a shed, or brought indoors when not in use.

How do you keep kids entertained in the garden?
If you want your children to spend more time in the garden, there are plenty of outdoor toys available to provide hours of fun. You can opt for whimsical sprinklers in the summer, wooden skittles, magnifiers for budding nature enthusiasts or golf sets. With so much on offer, there is an outdoor toy for every child to make the garden more enticing.