Collection: Placemats

Make dinner a spill-free affair with non-slip dinner mats for kids at Soren's House. Choose from versatile silicone placemats that are perfect for babies and toddlers and cute patterned kids dinner mats, all made from high-quality materials. Easy to wash and care for, find a dinner mat for your table in the full children and babies placemat collection below.

Do babies need placemats?
A placemat is an extremely useful tool for keeping mess contained, making it easier for parents to clean up after meal time. Additionally, in Montessori parenting methods this helps your child to develop their fine motor skills and encourages a sense of order. 

Why is a placemat useful for an infant?
Placemats are useful for infants to practice a sense of order and table manners. They're also useful for clearing messes easily and avoiding stains on furniture. Despite how simple they may seem, placemats are a must have for many parents.