About Us

Soren's House was founded in 2016 to bring beautiful Scandinavian inspired design-led products to the UK.

Everything changed for us in December 2017 when our 6 year old son, Seth, was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma (Burkitt's). We closed the store on the day of his diagnosis to concentrate on getting him through his treatment and back to health, and to looking after our 8 year old daughter, Seren.

Once Seth's gruelling chemotherapy had finished eight months later, we had the amazing news that he was cancer free and would now have monthly check ups, and that he could return to some kind of normal life including school.

So at this stage we decided to re-open our store, to help us all get back to some kind of normality.

But we had all totally changed. As a family, we were bonded in a way that I cannot describe. We wanted to spend more time together and cherish every single day. Normal has never been so beautiful!

We wanted a simple, slow lifestyle and childhood for Seren and Seth - we wanted them to have the room to be creative, imaginative and to learn about this wonderful world that we live in, and to go outside as much as possible. As a family we are so much more aware of the products that we buy and the food that we eat, so we decided that this had to be the direction that we took the store in too.  

So from now on, we are concentrating on more natural, organic and eco-friendly products, that fit our ethos of a simple, magical childhood.  

Sally, Max, Seren & Seth