Collection: Bags & Backpacks

Browse our range of children's bags and backpacks, ideal for fitting in all the essentials, whether it's for a fun day out or a day at school. Choose from a range of different colours and patterns, with children's backpacks, bags and lunch bags from a range of brands. Discover a collection of Scandi inspired baby changing bags and travel bags too.

What to pack in a baby changing bag?
Depending on where you're travelling to and how long for, you might need to pack a variety of things in your baby changing bag. We'd recommend that you always carry a travel changing mat, spare nappies, a spare outfit for your baby, baby wipes, bottles, some food or snacks and a soft toy. However in some cases you may need to have additional items in your changing bags such as nappy rash cream, muslin cloths, medical supplies and anti-bacterial wipes.

Do I need a baby changing bag?
Whilst technically any bag can be used to carry spare nappies, a purpose-built baby changing bag makes everyday parenting much easier. With compartmentalised storage options, you can have everything you need in easy to access places and easily separate any dirty nappies, clothes, or used wipes from other items in your bag. Therefore we'd always recommend using a specially designed changing bag over any other type.