Collection: Role Play Toys

Role play toys are some of the best toys you can get when it comes to encouraging open-ended, imaginative play that help to boost mindful development. With our collection of role play toys, your little one can imagine being a vet, a dentist, a wildlife photographer, shopkeeper, mechanic and much more. The possibilities really are endless. Shop our range of role play toys, with many made from sustainable materials with toxic-free paint.

Discover a world of imaginative play with our captivating collection of role play toys for kids! Spark creativity with play kitchen toys, where budding little chefs whip up culinary masterpieces. Encourage DIY brilliance with toy tool sets, inspiring future builders. Foster empathy and learning with toy doctor and vet sets, letting young minds explore the world of medicine. Unlock hairstyling talents with toy hairdresser sets, and let your little ones unleash their inner stylists. Finally, indulge in the magic of glamour with toy beauty sets, perfect for endless make-believe makeovers. Dive into a world of fun and learning with these captivating role play toys, designed to inspire and entertain kids of all ages.


How does pretend play affect children's development?
Pretend play is great for children as it helps to develop your child's social and emotional skills, as well as their language development. Role play toys also help to encourage their imagination by sparking curiosity and igniting their thinking skills. Many parents provide their children with pretend play toys so they can practise real life scenarios such as being or going to a doctor, being a mechanic or shopkeeper and much more.

What age is appropriate for pretend play? 
Pretend play is suitable for children of all ages from around 14 months, as it is fantastic for encouraging their imagination. Typically younger children see more benefit from using role play toys, as this helps to develop their interests, language, and social skills. 

What is role play for toddlers?
Role play for toddlers allows them to experience and make sense of the world by exposing them to real life situations and occupations. It helps toddlers to develop a myriad of skills and doesn't require much to get started as a few children's toys can spark their imagination.