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    Children's Bikes & Helmets

    Help your little one learn to cycle with our range of children's bikes, including balance bikes and safety accessories. Learning to ride a bike is such a key moment for many children and it helps with balance, muscle development and much more. Whether your child is learning to cycle to school, join in on family bike rides or join in with friends, we have the perfect solutions. Our range of balance bikes make the perfect first bike for young children. Their low profile means that balance bikes keep your little one's feet within touching distance of the ground - making learning to cycle a fun experience rather than a daunting one. We also offer wooden balance bikes which are perfect for use indoors. This is ideal for teaching your little one to cycle during cooler months or on rainy days, or as a stepping stone to learning to cycle using an outdoor bike. For those that already know how to cycle and are building their confidence, we also offer a range of classic children's bikes with stunning retro styling and colourways.

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