Collection: Studio Roof

Studio ROOF has been sparking imaginations and championing craftsmanship since 2005. Inspired by nature and animals, this family-owned Dutch business designs beautiful 3D models and wall hangings for kids and adults.

What is Studio ROOF about? 
Founded in 2005, Studio ROOF creates beautiful 3D models and wall hangings. This Dutch brand creates a wide range of unique art pieces that feature colourful shapes and designs to help enhance your child's imagination and creativity. From dinosaur-shaped model figures to flower-shaped wall decor and more, browse a range of figures and wall art from Studio ROOF at Soren's House. 

Does it matter how you decorate a nursery?
How you decorate a nursery is entirely dependent on your own personal preference. However, we recommend making sure there's at least some colour incorporated into the room. This will not only add character but can also help to support your child's development by providing sensory stimulation. We would also suggest incorporating some playful shapes into the room, which can be anything from animals to nature-inspired shapes and more. In particular, the collection of 3D models and wall hangings from Studio ROOF can help you create a nursery your child will love. Available in a selection of bold, bright colours, shapes and themes, shop a range of products from this much-loved brand today.