Collection: Baby Blankets

Create a comfy, cosy space for your little ones to snuggle into with our collection of baby blankets at Soren's House. With plenty of colours, styles and materials to choose from, including cellular blankets, fun-shaped blankets and organic merino wool blankets for kids, there's a baby blanket to suit every nursery in our range. Find the perfect kids blanket for your home in the collection below.

What is the safest material for baby blankets?
The safest materials for a baby blanket are natural fabrics like organic cotton or bamboo. These organic materials are less likely to cause any irritation or skin issues due to their hypoallergenic nature. Fabrics that are labelled as organic or hypoallergenic are generally the safest choice of material for baby blankets.

What is the best natural wool for baby blankets?
The best natural wool for baby blankets is Merino wool. The fibres of Merino wool are extra soft, light and warm, making it the most luxurious option if you're looking for a cosy baby blanket that's soft against your baby's delicate skin and guaranteed to keep your baby warm.

At what age should a baby sleep with a blanket?
Although there is no official age stated for when it is safe for a baby to sleep with a blanket, most medical experts state that babies should not sleep with a loose blanket until after 12 months of age. Soft bedding that is loose in a crib can pose danger to your baby, therefore it is recommended that you swaddle your baby or use a sleeping bag instead of a blanket up until they are 12-18 months or older.