Collection: Kids Water Bottles

Providing your little one with their own dedicated water bottle is a great way to encourage them to stay hydrated, with plenty of fun designs and colourways available, they'll be able to choose one they like. Alternatively you can customise the bottles with stickers or ribbons for a personalised touch. Shop from a range of leading brands and styles, including leak-proof Liewood water bottles and Hello Hossy stainless steel carry bottles to find one that suits your little one.

Which is the best water bottle for kids?
Whether your child is heading to school or on a day trip, the best water bottles need to be made from secure and durable materials. We would also recommend that you choose an option offering leak-proof features to prevent spillages over school books and other personal belongings. The water bottles at Soren's House are made to be leak-proof and are available in a range of sturdy styles. Featuring an assortment of plain and patterned designs, you may also want to give your child the freedom to choose from a variety of colourful prints. 

Should a toddler have a water bottle?
Making sure your toddler has their own water bottle that has a colourful and playful design can help encourage them to drink more water. This will also allow you to more carefully monitor how much they have drank throughout the day to ensure they're drinking enough. Making sure they have a bottle of water with them can also be better for their health, helping to sway them away from choosing more sugary drinks. Featuring a range of exciting designs and hard-wearing styles, browse our range of children's drinks bottles at Soren's House and find the perfect one for your little one.