Collection: Wooden Toys

At Soren's House, we love wooden toys. Sustainable, non-toxic and long-lasting, wooden toys for babies and children offer parents a great, eco-friendly alternative to plastic kids toys. Our collection covers wooden toys for baby, toddlers and children, so all ages are covered! Choose from animal shaped wooden toys, wooden dollhouse furniture, wooden toy cars and much more - whatever your child will love playing with the most. We stock a wide variety of well respected brands such as Bigjigs, Tidlo, Moon Picnic, Rock & Pebble and Tender Leaf Toys and, for lovers of the classic wooden toy for children, we also have a selection of the ageless wooden Pom Makers. Browse the full collection below.

Are wooden toys better for kids?
High-quality wooden toys are better for kids than their plastic counterparts. Wooden toys are often more durable, and safer for curious children as they're made with non-toxic materials and are naturally BPA free. The benefits are not only physical, as wooden toys can help to promote a calmer environment and more imaginative play. Additionally, wooden toys can help your child develop key skills such as numeracy and problem-solving.

Are wooden toys hygienic?
Yes, wooden toys are hygienic. Wood is a naturally antimicrobial material to help protect against viruses and bacteria. Despite this, wooden toys should still be cleaned every so often using 100% natural white or apple cider vinegar diluted in water, or with a baking soda solution.

How long do wooden toys last?
Wooden toys can last for decades if they are cared for correctly which makes them a great investment for parents. Wood is a sturdy and robust material and can last a long time even with extensive use. Even better, if your wooden toys do get damaged the wood will be able to naturally decompose, making it a more eco-friendly alternative to plastic toys.