Collection: Montessori Toys

If you're looking for toys that follow Montessori principles, look no further than our collection of wooden Montessori toys. Our range of educational toys encourage movement, cognition, learning from peers, respect and more as they are designed for imaginative and group play. Find non toxic Montessori educational toys online at Soren’s House.

Why does Montessori not use plastic?
One of the core values of Montessori is to promote the use of natural materials in childrens play. This lies hand in hand with their primary goal to encourage imaginative and active play, which isn't necessitated when brightly coloured, plastic toys with electronics are used. People who practice Montessori parenting also believe that natural materials are safer for children compared to the possible chemicals found in plastic toys.

How can you tell if a toy is Montessori?
Montessori toys are quite easy to find if you know what you're looking for. A toy that is considered to be in alignment with the Montessori practice should not include electronics or flashing lights, should be made from natural materials, and should encourage independence and focus on one skill at a time. 

Why don't Montessori toys have colour? 
A common misconception of Montessori toys is that they are not colourful. Montessori toys although largely made from natural materials such as wood, still come in many different colours. Montessori practices encourage the use of colour to aid in child development however they opt for softer, more muted tones opposed to the more common primary colour palette you see on most children's toys.