Collection: Kids Teepees & Play Tents

Create a fun and unique space for your little ones to play with a teepee play tent from Soren's House. Filled with cushions and blankets, a children's teepee tent is an exciting addition to any children's bedroom or playroom. Find a traditional style teepee for kids or children's play tent in the collection below.

Discover a world of imagination with our beautiful collection of teepees and play tents for children. Crafted with care and creativity, these whimsical hideaways are perfect for sparking imaginative play and adventure. From vibrant colours to charming designs, each teepee is a gateway to endless fun. Let your little ones relax, explore, create, and dream in their very own secret space. Quality, safety, and hours of entertainment are packed into every tent. Transform any corner of your home or garden into a magical haven. Shop now to inspire your child's imagination and make lasting memories with our teepees and play tents.


What age can kids have a teepee?
Teepees are a fun playtime accessory for children aged over two years old. Teepees are suitable for your toddler to create a cosy environment for playing and relaxing. We would advise against any children under the age of 1 to use a teepee unsupervised for their safety.

Can kids sleep in a teepee?
Yes, teepees are safe for kids to sleep in as long as they also have a mattress, pillow, sleeping bag and plenty of blankets to keep warm. Whether it be for a sleepover with friends, nap time or a weekend treat, sleeping in a teepee can be a cosy and fun activity for your child.

Are teepees safe for toddlers?
Yes, all of the teepees available here at Soren's House are tested to ensure they are safe for children to use and are made from organic, FSC certified materials that ensures they are safe and eco-friendly.