Collection: Lorena Canals

The Lorena Canals interiors collection specialises in beautifully crafted child-friendly rugs and soft textiles. Created using eco-friendly materials, the array of products are perfect for nursery and bedroom spaces as they boast cute and whimsical designs that inspire the imaginations of young minds. Even better, the collection features washable rugs and play mats to ensure cleanliness and sustainability within your home. Lovingly handmade in India, the Lorena Canals collection uses only natural materials from eco-friendly wool and organic cotton to natural non-toxic dyes. Committed to making the world a better place for future generations, sales from these washable rugs and children's nursery decor items ensure that children in India have access to education via the Lorena Canals Sakûla Project in Haryana. Shop the full collection of stunning contemporary interior textiles below to start creating your dream nursery.

Can you vacuum Lorena Canals rugs?
Yes, not only are Lorena Canals rugs washable but they can also be vacuumed. In order to keep your Lorena Canals rug in the best condition and ensure you have it for life we recommend that you wash, sweep and vacuum your rug regularly. As the rugs are handmade it is normal for them to produce an excess of fluff in the first few months, but using a stiff broom to sweep with and a regular vacuum, your Lorena Canals rug will last a lifetime.

Is Lorena Canals non-toxic?
Yes, all of Lorena Canals products including their rugs and accessories are made with natural fabrics. Lorena Canals has a commitment to the environment and ensures that each piece is handmade using 100% natural fibres and non-toxic dyes, taking care of every single detail to make sure these products are both eco-friendly and kid-friendly.