Collection: Baby Play Mats

In need of a new tummy time blanket? Discover beautiful activity blankets and playmats from leading baby brands such as Avery Row, Liewood, and more.

Discover the perfect playtime companion for your little one at Soren's House! Our collection of baby playmats offers a safe and comfortable space for your baby to explore and learn. Crafted with soft, non-toxic materials, these playmats provide a cozy surface for tummy time, crawling, and play. With a variety of adorable designs, vibrant colours, and interactive features, these playmats stimulate sensory development and keep your baby entertained. Whether you're looking for a cute animal-themed mat or a stylish, modern design, we have the perfect playmat to suit your style and your baby's needs. Shop now for endless hours of fun and learning!


When should babies start using a play mat?
You can start using a play mat within the first month of your little one's life. As long as your baby is happy and comfortable when laid flat without being held, you can supervise them whilst they explore their surroundings from the mat. This is an excellent way to encourage your baby to develop their motor skills whilst providing a safe environment to do so.

How do I choose a baby activity mat?
We recommend looking for a mat that is soft, easy to clean, and made from natural materials. You can add or remove toys as your baby grows, but looking for mats that have additional sensory features sewn into them such as different materials and moveable fabric can be a great place to start for baby's first play mat.

Are play mats good for babies?
Yes, play mats have many benefits for babies as they encourage the development of hand-eye coordination, visual perception and fine motor skills. This can also be a great time for parent and baby to bond by playing together.