Collection: Safari Animals

Make your kids bedroom, playroom or nursery theme roar with our range of safari inspired bedroom accessories. From bedding to rugs, wall hangings and more, spark your child's imagination. Choose from zebras, tigers, hippos, giraffes and many more animal-themed children's toys and room accessories that can really bring your theme to life. Animals can really capture the heart and imagination of a child to create a fun and inviting environment wrapped up in a safari theme.

How do you create a safari themed bedroom?
Safari-themed rooms are a popular choice to create a fun, exciting and imaginative environment for your child. The simplest way to create a safari themed children's room is by incorporating pictures, prints, furniture, storage solutions and of course, toys. Featuring all kinds of animals including zebras, tigers, elephants, giraffes and more, the collection of safari animal furniture and decor at Soren's House can help bring this theme to life.

What are the colours for a safari bedroom?
Colours including whites, beiges, oranges, blacks and greys are all popular choices to use in your child's' bedroom when creating a safari theme. We would recommend using a mixture of these to add as much interest and variety as possible to your child's room.