Collection: Fiona Walker

These whimsical decorative felt animal heads lend a stylish charm to your nursery or children's bedroom space. Handmade from ethically sourced materials, these sweet little creatures bring something fun and unique - some of which double up as wall hooks. Whether your little one prefers to be on the wild side with lions, tigers, and elephants, or whether they like to explore the deep blue sea with the dolphins, there's an option for everyone to create a stylish themed bedroom. Explore the full collection of Fiona Walker animal heads below.

How to decorate the walls of a nursery?
Once you've added the furniture to your child's' nursery, moving on to the walls can feel overwhelming. With so much space to fill, it can be hard to know where to start when decorating your child's' bedroom walls. As well as adding a clock and some pictures or posters, you may want to consider incorporating colourful and animal-themed decorations. This is a popular theme and can help you to create an exciting and engaging space.

How to use animal decor in your child's room?
There are multiple ways you can enhance your child's bedroom using animal decor. Designed by Fiona Walker, the collection of felt animal heads are made to add something fun and unique to your child's' nursery. Simply hang these up using the single hook on the back, which is supported by a bamboo cane on the inside, then stand back and admire these carefully handmade decorations.