Collection: Muslins & Swaddles

Whether you're looking for a super snuggly baby swaddle to keep your little one cosy and warm while they sleep, or need to stock up on baby muslin cloths for everyday spit-ups and spills, find all your organic baby cloths in the collection at Soren's House. Find cute rabbit muslins, organic cotton swaddles and patterned muslin cloth squares below.

What are muslins for babies used for?
Muslins are typically used as a dribble cloth when babies are feeding or teething. They can also be used as a bib as they are easy to tuck into clothes and give you an easy to access cloth ready to wipe messy faces. Muslins can also come in the form of baby swaddles or blankets as a lightweight way to wrap your baby up during sleep.

Do I need to wash muslins before use?
Pre-washing muslin cloths is not a necessity, however in some cases, it's recommended to wash new muslins before using them for the first time to soften them. Washing them before use can help to remove any chemicals or dyes that may be left over from the manufacturing process and ensures that the cloth is clean and safe to use.

Can a newborn sleep with a muslin?
Newborn babies can sleep with a swaddle made from muslin material however they should never sleep with a loose muslin blanket or cloth as it can become a safety hazard. Muslin is a good fabric choice for your babies swaddle as it is a thin and breathable material unlike thick quilted blankets that pose a breathing risk.