Collection: Animal Wall Heads

Decorate with a cute and colourful animal wall head to create an exciting environment. Discover the full range of fun & stylish children's bedroom decorations.

Introducing our Felt Wall Animal Heads: The perfect blend of playful charm and modern design. Adorn your child's space with these whimsical, handcrafted creations. Crafted from soft, eco-friendly felt, these animal heads add a touch of nature to any nursery or playroom.


Is it safe to hang things on the wall above a crib?
No, we would advise against hanging anything above your baby's crib as a safety precaution. Whether it be art, picture frames or faux animal heads, if you're hanging decorations on your baby's wall, make sure it is securely mounted and placed in a spot where, if it did fall off the wall, it would not fall into your baby's crib and cause harm.

What are the benefits to using faux animal heads to decorate a baby's room?
Decorating your baby's room with images of wild animals mounted onto their wall is a great way to jump-start your baby's education. These animal heads can help familiarise your baby with the outside world in a different way to learning about animals through cartoons, as research has shown that children learn more from realistic representations rather than animations.