Collection: Cots & Cot Beds

Perfect for a family home, browse the collection of wooden cots and cot beds at Soren's House. Find safe and comfortable Scandinavian-style cots online.

Discover the epitome of style and comfort for your little one with our modern Scandinavian design baby cots. Crafted with a fusion of minimalist aesthetics and functionality, these cots provide a safe and cozy haven for your baby. Impeccably designed with clean lines, sustainable materials, and soothing neutral tones, our collection seamlessly blends with any nursery decor. Each cot offers easy assembly, adjustable mattress heights, and impeccable craftsmanship to ensure your baby's peaceful slumber. Elevate your nursery to a realm of sophistication while prioritizing your baby's well-being. Explore our Scandinavian baby cot collection today and let your baby sleep in style and comfort.