Collection: Elhee

Designed by mothers for babies. Elhee’s innovative soft silicone design replicates the natural curves of the mothers shape, creating the most comfortable and natural feeling bottle feeding experience for you and your baby. Using only medical grade silicone and their revolutionary sealing system, Elhee’s baby bottle range keeps your child safe, ensuring the bottle's contents never come into contact with any other material. Shop the full range at Soren’s House and bring the bond back to bottle feeding.

How do you use the Elhee baby bottle?
Elhee baby bottles offer a unique, soft silicone design compared to a traditional bottle. In order to use an Elhee bottle follow these simple steps:
-Lift the silicone neck against the white ring of the bottle 
-Fill the bottle with a formula of your choice and gently heat it up as you usually would
-Place the "nipple" in the coloured ring provided
-Screw the "nipple" onto the bottle and your Elhee bottle is ready to use.

Are silicone bottles better for babies?
Silicone bottles are a safe and eco-friendly bottle option for your baby. Silicone bottles are made from non-toxic materials, meaning that they cannot release any potentially harmful chemicals. Therefore, silicone bottles can be considered a safer option than some alternatives. In addition to this, silicone is also a durable, long-lasting material that is safe to be boiled for sterilisation just like plastic bottles.