Collection: Canopies

A great way to provide your little one with their own unique, personal space in their nursery, browse the collection of sleep canopies and bed canopies at Soren’s House. Whether your child likes to independently read their favourite storybook at bedtime and transform their bed into their own little world, or they simply prefer some extra coverage to help them feel safe and sleep comfortably, the selection of bed tent canopies provide a cosy solution. Available in an assortment of soothing colourways, including pastel pinks and whites, as well as calming darker colours to help keep out external light, you can find a sleep canopy to blend with your interiors below. With an assortment of colours and styles to choose from, treat your little one to a bed canopy with bed tents from the Handmade Scandi Co, Liewood and more.

Are canopy beds safe for kids? 
Canopy beds are a safe and fun way to brighten up your children's sleeping space or play area. As long as the canopy is securely fastened with no risk of falling, they pose very little risk to children who are old enough to sleep in a bed - we do not recommend this product for cots however. In order to increase safety, you can opt for canopies that are made of flame resistant materials, and avoid any canopies that have attachments or decorations that could be a choking hazard such as plastic beads.

What age is a bed canopy for?
There is no upper age limit on bed canopies as you can always change the canopy according to your child's changing style and preferences. However, we would never recommend placing a canopy over a cot or young toddler bed, as the loose fabric could pose a trip or suffocation hazard. As a general rule, children under the age of four should not sleep under a canopy.